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About Us

  With a vision to provide real estate solutions to customers across India, Nidhi Estate deals in Residential and commercial Properties, rental management solutions and outright. Since the development of real estate is on a steep growth curve, many customers want to make the most of this golden opportunity. The growth of Industrial and automotive industries has led to a tremendous increase in commercial properties while the successful businesses and increased incomes have led to more and more people preferring residential properties in prime locations in Barmer, Pachpadara and Balotra. However, the customer is spoilt for choice in a wide spread city like Barmer. Therefore, our services provide complete guidance and support in choosing and cracking the right real estate deal.

For any and every real estate requirement that you may have, Nidhi Real Estate will help you, right through. We specialize in commercial big size properties.

  We deal in

   Commercial land
  Industrial Land
   Agriculture Land
  Shopping Malls Spaces
  Warehouse Space
  Solar Power Project  Land